About Us - We can provide a wide range of stationery products printed with your company name and logo. Our Green Catalogue of promotional products contains stationery and office products that have been selected because they have an environmental benefit over the standard products most commonly used in offices. 

By purchasing these products you are promoting your company and helping to improve the environmental performance of the whole office supplies chain.

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Why Green, While the collection of recycled materials has improved dramatically over the last 20 years the amount of recycled products being purchased has not increased so dramatically. There is still a need to close the recycling loop, and using recycled paper and plastic for short life disposable office products is an excellent way to use recycled materials.

Our main green catalogue (tap logo above to view) also contains a lot of products made from degradable and starch based plastics. Again this is because many office items have short lives and are often designed to be disposable. In order to reduce the amount of permanent landfill we need to make more of these products degradable.

We select products that produce less chemical pollution in their production or release less toxins in their use. So we try to avoid PVC, which harms the ozone layer and prefer polypropylene, which only produces CO2 and water when it is produced or burnt.

60% of paper products still go to landfill, this releases methane, which is 23 times stronger than CO2 as a Greenhouse gas. Recycling 8.6 mega-tonnes of paper in the UK would save 11 mega-tonnes of carbon emissions each year, equivalent to taking 3.5 million cars off the road. As over 50% of all landfill waste is paper-based, the act of recycling turns a major waste product into a practical resource.

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